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Concrete Canvas Shelter 7 Person 25 m² Shelter

1,900.00 KGS
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  • A CCS25 deployed in the sands of Saudi Arabia
  • Image 2
  • Deployment of CCS25, attached to CCS54
Step 1: Remove Bag
  • Step 2: Unroll
  • Step 3: Inflate with built in fan
  • Step 4: Wet inflated structure
  • Step 5: Wait 1 day to allow for hardening
  • Optional Step 6: Burm for explosive and shrapnel resistance
  • Concrete Canvas Structure tolerate fire. (CCS16 shown)
  • Concrete Canvas Structure tolerate fire. (CCS16 shown)
  • Concrete Canvas Structure tolerate winter. (CCS16 shown)
  • Interior view of CCS25 with an additional layer of Concrete Canvas added for flooring
  • Interior panoramic view of CCS54 with CCS25 attached in the background
  • Image 14

Product Description

Concrete Canvas Shelter

Concrete Canvas Shelters are rapidly deployable hardened shelters that require only water and air for construction. Patents have
been filed.

Concrete Canvas Shelters (CCS) have two major advantages over conventional tented shelter:

Operational: CCS enable a hardened structure from day one of an operation. They provide much better environmental protection,
increased security and vastly improved medical capability.

Financial: CCS have a design life of over 10 years, whereas tents wear out rapidly and must then be replaced. CCS are a one stop solution, saving effort and cost over the lifetime of medium to long term operations.

The key to CCS is the use of inflation to create a surface that is optimised for compressive loading. This allows thin walled concrete structures to be formed which are both robust and lightweight. CCS consist of a revolutionary cement based composite fabric (Concrete Cloth) bonded to the outer surface of a plastic inner which forms a Nissen-Hut shaped structure once inflated.

CSS Key Facts


A 270sqft CCS can be deployed by 2 people in less than 1 hour and is ready to use in only 24 hours.

Force Protection

The compressive structure of CCS has been modelled to be covered with sand or earth (berming) to provide protection against small arms fire and shell fragments.


CCS concrete shells have good thermal properties. When buried they provide excellent insulation and a very large thermal mass.


CCS are far more durable than tenting with a minimum design life of 10 years.


The sealed plastic inner of a CCS, means it can be delivered sterile.

Fire proof

Concrete Cloth is a ceramic and will not burn. Each shelter is lined with a flame retardant fibre reinforced polyethylene inner with a B1 (DIN 4102-01 05/98) fire rating.

CBRN protection

CCS can be fitted with a combined forced air / inflation unit and decontamination module to provide full spectrum CBRN protection.


The hard shell and lockable doors of a CCS provide a level of security not possible with soft skinned structures, protecting stores, equipment and personnel.


CCS provide all the benefits of a permanent structure without the associated cost and time delays.

Size Variants Concrete Canvas have developed two shelter variants, CCS25 and CCS54 (with 270sqf. and 580sqf. of floor space respectively).

CCS structures have been designed to maximize their internal usable space.

A standard CCS54 can accommodate up to 15 people according to Sphere Standards, Humanitarian and Disaster Response Charter.

For longer term operations, CCS54 will accommodate 8 standard cots with free standing mosquito nets. The technology can be scaled up to provide even larger structures.

Future product developments include shelters to be used for storage of vehicles and helicopters.


CCS structures are designed as part of a modular system; units can be easily linked together enabling the space to be tailored to the application. CCS are designed as generic structures with initial uses as accommodation, field offices and secure storage. Small openings for services can be cut or drilled in the Concrete Cloth shell. Larger openings for windows can be cut but require bolted frames to distribute the stress. CCS can be demolished using basic tools. The thin walled structure has a very low mass leaving little material for disposal.


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Nuna Innovations Inc.
Concrete Canvas Shelters

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Other Details

Pre-deployment Length:
262cm (8.6ft)
Pre-deployment Width:
228cm (7.5ft)
Pre-deployment Height:
112cm (3.7ft)
Post-deployment Length:
500cm (16.4ft)
Post-deployment Width:
560cm (18.4ft)
Post-deployment Height:
260cm (8.5 ft)
25m2 (270 sqf)

Product Videos

Concrete Canvas Shelters '09 (02:11)
Concrete Canvas Shelters are rapidly deployable hardened shelters that require only water and air for construction. A 25sqm model can be deployed by 2 people without any training in under 40 minutes and is ready to use in under 24 hours.The shelters are fabricated from Concrete Canvas, an innovative material technology that allows concrete to be used in a completely new way, in a multitude of applications.Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_ConcreteCanvasVisit www.concretecanvas.co.uk for further information.
  • Concrete Canva...
    Concrete Canvas Shelters are rapidly deployable hardened shelt...
  • Concrete Canva...
    Concrete Canvas Shelters are rapidly deployable hardened shelt...
  • Concrete Canva...
    Concrete Canvas Shelters (CCS) are rapidly deployable hardened...
  • Concrete Canva...
    Concrete Canvas Shelter Erection and Feature Description Video

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As such, after purchasing an overweight/oversize product we will contact you to arrange for shipping to your location.

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Warranty Information

Concrete Canvas Statement of Guarantee (CCS)
Concrete Canvas Shelter,
10 Year Guarantee:
As manufacturer, we guarantee, under the conditions set forth below, the durability of properly installed Concrete Canvas Shelters, over and above the seller’s legal liability for material defects. The guarantee applies to the CCS25 and CCS54 types of Concrete Canvas Shelter and includes all defects that can be proved to have been caused entirely through fault in manufacturing or material. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights. The guarantee includes the following features for the Period of the guarantee:
- Resistance to Ultra-violet light and weathering of the Concrete Cloth.
- Structural Integrity of the shelter when loaded under it’s own self-weight.

Guarantee Exclusions:
All interchangeable parts, such as ground pegs, doors, door locks and other manufacturer’s products are excluded from this guarantee. Furthermore, no liability will be assumed for any damage caused through: unsuitable and improper use; incorrect or negligent treatment; the disregard of instructions for installation, including: preparation of the ground surface including but not limited to removal of sharp vegetation and hard or sharp objects that may damage the inflatable liner and selection of a suitable site; or improper hydration; a loss of power to the inflation unit or other interruption during setting; or damage caused during transit or by improper storage prior to use or care or maintenance, alterations and repair by the end user or third party; surface staining of the Concrete Cloth or liner through incorrect hydration, chemical agents, including cleaning products and physical agents; or where the product has been improperly treated; or vandalism or damage caused by the actions of a third party; or damage caused by animals or vegetation or tree growth or natural agents beyond the control of the manufacturer; fire, natural or induced; or acts of war; or ground subsidence; or lightning strike; or falling trees or falling structures; or acts of terrorism; or acts of God and volcanic/seismic activity. The internal PE floor is excluded from this guarantee as it is only designed for use as a temporary floor and should be replaced by a more durable alternative for long-term use.

Guarantee Conditions:
This guarantee relates, within the guarantee period, solely to either replacing the Concrete Canvas Shelter free of charge or repairing same free of charge, on behalf of the original end user, this decision being at Concrete Canvas’s discretion. Concrete Canvas accepts no liability for any additional losses that may or may not result from a product failure including from: damage caused by collapse, leaking water, lost business and/or lost time. The total cost of repair or replacement shall not exceed the original purchase price as shown on the original invoice. Claim to guarantee shall only occur on presentation of proof of the products failure within the terms of this guarantee and a copy of
the original invoice.

Guarantee Period:
The guarantee period shall be for 10 years and shall begin on the day of purchase by the original end user. In the event of any claim, complainants should address themselves directly to the seller or manufacturer presenting evidence of the failure of the product and a copy of the original invoice.

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